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What’s up y’all? It’s Nick here and I am in Ecuador right now with the capital city of Quito right behind me. And what you just saw is what we call a B-roll montage. It’s super easy to make, so let me break down just how I made the one you just saw.

So what is a B-roll montage? It’s a series of short clips smashed together, showing that there’s a lot going on. What’s better than one video? A lot of them! They’re an excellent, creative way to show off your work and get people excited about what you have going on. The key here is that every few seconds should have a new shot so it doesn’t all blend together in the viewer’s mind – unless they want their attention drawn away from whatever else might be happening around them at this moment (like if someone walked into view).

What I do is get as many different varieties of shots that are possible: wide angles, medium close-ups and tight single frames. The time lapse or hyperlapse will have some really cool slow motion in it too!
I like to alternate between these various types so your viewing experience isn’t all one style.

Between 30 and 40 different clips is the optimal number for an editor to choose just the best ones. There’s no way you can go wrong with this many options! Give it a shot and see what happens.

Thanks for watching this video. Can’t wait until we meet again – here’s wishing that everyone creates something amazing based off these tips 😉