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When making videos, sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. And one of the biggest littlest things is camera heights for interviews. Here’s the number one golden rule that won’t leave you guessing next time you set up your next interview.

What’s up, y’all. Welcome back to 2 Minute Tips where I’m here to help you create better content with quick tip tutorials that don’t waste your time. Today, I’m in the office. You could tell by my intro, it was a bit rainy. I decided to grab a cup of coffee. I want to talk a little bit about cinema language and how that relates to angles and height. This is an example of a low angle. This gives a sense of power and a sense of authority. On the exact opposite, this is an example of a high angle, which can make your subject look a little small, less important. And this is an example of a neutral camera angle. As you can see, this represents evenness, a level playing field. The number one rule is to get the camera at eye level.

Another reason to be at eye level is it’s more flattering. You don’t want to be too low and looking up people’s noses. You don’t want to look like your parents on FaceTime. Also, being too high you’re looking up. Your neck might be distorted. You’re usually seeing everything below you. You’re normally seeing the ground. You’re only seeing your head, no neck. It gets weird. Not only do you want your camera to be at eye level, you want the interviewer to be at eye level as well. Have them sit right next to the camera at eye level.

As always, thanks so much for watching. If you have any questions or topics you’d like to see covered, please feel free to reach out. See you next time.