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Online Training
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2 Rounds Of Revisions Included
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For established businesses
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48hr Turnaround
1 Mobile Kit 2.0 Included
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Royalty Free Music
Strategy Workshop
Online Training
Members Only Slack Community
2 Rounds Of Revisions Included
Custom Motion Graphics Package


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Add Ons

Extra Kits

Add one kit to ship around to customers for high quality remote testimonials. Add a dozen kits for your whole team. Either way, they’ll always be up to date and working great.

Extra Videos

You can add on extra video credits to your account at any time. Whether you need to make 100 videos a year, or 1,000 the process is the same.

Social Cuts

Whether you want to create short social cuts (less than 60 seconds) from an existing piece or crank them out as standalone content, we’ve got your back.


Depending on the channel, up to 92% of videos are played without sound, but that doesn’t have to mean your audience can’t hear what you’re saying.

Long Form Content

Need a 10 minute youtube video or an hour long keynote edited? Sounds like a job for VidLoft.

Voice Overs

Need a professional voice over to give your video that extra bit of pop. We’ve got over 5,000 professional VO artists for your next project.

“You taught us your creative process to create videos, but we use it for everything now.”

— Cory Hewett • CEO and Co-Founder of Gimme Vending Inc.


What if I run out of video credits?

Well, first off, it sounds like your video strategy is working, so kudos on that!

If you run out of credits, you can add on additional number of credits at any time at your current plan’s per video rate. Just let your account manager know, and we’ll add more to your account.

What does the training cover?

All of our training is designed to teach you exactly what you need to know to be successful without all of the extra stuff. For beginners, it focuses on 4 key areas.

  • Effective Video Strategy
  • Camera Use
  • Directing & Storytelling
  • Streamlined Production Process
Additional Training

In addition to the basics, we’re coming out with additional training and strategy tips on a regular basis and whole new courses as well.

Slack Group

Plus our private Slack group is a great place to share ideas with other VidLoft members. It’s like the African proverb says, “If you want to go far, go together.”

Expert Coaching

Nothing helps grow your skills quicker than real world practice paired with personalized coaching. With each project, our team will provide expert feedback and ideas so you can quickly hone your filmmaking skills and get better with every project.

Killer Support

For those times when some part just isn’t working like you think it should, or you can’t find that menu option in the camera you saw last week, we’ve got your back. Whether you email us, chat in our users Slack workspace, need to hop on a quick zoom, or send your question via carrier pigeon, we’re here to help however we can. (bonus points if you send it via carrier pigeon)

Still Want More?

For a small charge one of our VidLoft trainers will come to you! We can do a live, in-person training, consult on an important shoot, or onboard a whole team in a morning.

What if we already have some camera gear currently?

You’re able to use any camera that outputs in a standard file format (For our fellow camera nerds: 1080p or 4k h.264 mp4). Supplementing a video with user generated content on an iPhone or remote Zoom interview even works great. That said, we’re obviously only able to guarantee technical support for the kits we provide. At the end of the day, our goal is to free your team up from thinking about gear so they can think about the content.

How does billing work?

Subscriptions are billed monthly via credit card. Any add-ons (e.g., additional credits, social media cuts, etc.) are well, added on.

Still Have Questions?

Pick a time below and have a quick chat with someone on our team.