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With my help, you’ll be able to write briefs quickly and easily. I’m Francis, the Head of Post Production here at VidLoft; it’s my job to make post-production processes much more efficient for you! In this video we’re going over how to organize your thoughts so that they can easily meet our standards for production speed – because an organized brief makes us all happy or something like “happier” as editors anyway 😉

The description is a great way to give your video an instantly-known feel. Editors will love you for including this crucial information, because it helps us find the right music and timing in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly together! If there are any interesting videos or music you’d like us to use, or if you have a specific script you’d like us to use for the current project – please include them as well so together, we can create the video you’re envisioning.

You can specifically point out any key points that you want in the video with a brief. Just give an editor the file name and they’ll edit around those specific moments for maximum impact!

If there are any specific titles you want in the video, websites, links, or even text call-outs, don’t forget to add those in. And lastly, don’t forget to add the names and the titles of the speaker/s or interviewee/s featured in the video. You can even name the title of the clip to something like “name-title” to make the process simpler. These simple bits of info really help us edit the videos a lot faster.

So now that you’ve got the footage sorted and categorized, it’s time to put your clips in their corresponding bins – Interviews, and B-Rolls. If you have any non-video like pictures/logos, etc. they fall under a third section labeled “assets.” You should always keep these three categories separated so our editors won’t have to spend time categorizing all footage themselves. This saves us a lot of time and helps us get the deliverables over to you quicker. If you want multiple videos from a single project, be sure to create one for each of them. You don’t even have to upload the raw files. Just create the project, add the description, and send it to editing.

Thanks for watching this video. And I’m glad that now, you’re one step closer to crafting the perfect brief! I’m really excited about editing all your videos and hearing your feedback about them with a smile on my face (just like Ryan Gosling’s). As always-my name’s Francis; see you next time!