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Why wait for 2024 to begin when you can start preparing for your most productive and cost-effective year now?

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VP, Brand Marketing & Strategy @ 140,000 Person Global Facilities Company

2024 Pre-Sale

Start the year off right.

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VidLoft Pro Services

On-Demand Video Production Experts Managed From Your VidLoft Account.
​Sometimes, you want an experienced hand guiding your video project, and that’s exactly what VidLoft Pro Services offers. This service connects you with a global network of professional directors, all vetted and trained by VidLoft. And the best part? You get top-notch video production at about 1/4 the cost of traditional production.

(66% off – Limit of 4)

VidLoft 360

VidLoft 360 is designed to accelerate your time-to-value by providing world-class strategic consulting on an ongoing basis. Our team brings a regular cadence to the party through a series of monthly calls and check-ins that save you time and keep you advancing toward your goals. Then we’ll help you measure your success using all three types of video metrics.

($15,000 Free)

VidLoft Mobile Kit

Everything you need to produce great videos and nothing you don’t. We’ve curated the items for each of the VidLoft kits to optimize for a blend of quality, portability, and ease of use.

Get Training & Insights

We realized the more training we made, the more specific it could be, which would save our customers time. You get access to our Quick Start Guides, over 50 Two Minute Tips, and a personal favorite… Video Playbooks. They’re like 20 minute master classes from experts on how to produce specific types of videos like testimonials, or company culture videos.

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All videos were created using the VidLoft Platform.

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Less Cost

In a blind test, VidLoft videos were estimated to cost 12x more than they actually do! Not only that, this is no-haggle pricing. You know exactly how much each video costs upfront.


Turnaround Time

We promise less than 2 business day turnaround on each of our projects, but did you know we’re currently averaging 23 hours for turnaround across the board?


Videos Per Year

VidLoft provides your clients with a near all-you-can-eat model of video. With 50-100 videos included with every standard package, you never have to run out of content again.

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